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Tuners and metronomes

Clip-on Digital Tuner
Compact and lightweight clip-on tuner is ideal for acoustic instruments

(£4.59 ex VAT) Part no: MX173221
Johnny Brook Digital Guitar Tuner
Digital tuner featuring red to green LED indicators for use with 6 string guitars or 4 strings bass

(£4.89 ex VAT) Part no: MXJB507
SoundLAB Compact Guitar Tuner
A clever little digital compact chromatic guitar tuner that fits onto a key ring so you've always got it with you.

(£6.68 ex VAT) Part no: MXG027FH
SoundLAB Guitar Tuner
Digital tuner featuring red to green tuning LED indicators with additional LCD display.

(£7.16 ex VAT) Part no: MXG027FF
CCT500 multi-mode clip tuner
Compact clip tuner with backlit LCD display showing a virtual needle which changes from red to green when in tune

(£8.04 ex VAT) Part no: MX173281
ACT12 auto clip tuner
Compact clip tuner with patented auto operation

(£5.67 ex VAT) Part no: MX173259
Johnny Brook Electronic Tuner and Metronome
Well made instrument tuner and metronome complete with free headphones and contact microphone.

(£8.97 ex VAT) Part no: MXJB500
Large LCD clip-on multi-tuner
Multi-mode contact tuner with large blue backlit LCD display which switches to green when in-tune

(£7.16 ex VAT) Part no: MX173269
SoundLAB Black Mechanical Metronome
A stylish and contemporary mechanical windup metronome featuring a precision weighted pendulum with settings from 40-208...

(£24.78 ex VAT) Part no: MXG027FK Currently out of stock
Mechanical Metronome
traditional mechanical metronome in a black plastic housing

(£24.98 ex VAT) Part no: MX173315


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